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Release history

1.4.4 - November 2019

  • Fix import of Task Actions.
  • Fix menu text color.

1.4.3 - January 2019

  • Small fixes to adhere to new Google Play rules.
  • 1.4.3b+c: Bug fixes related to Android 8 new permission requirements
  • 1.4.3d: Bug fixe related to config export function being broken

1.4.2 - November 2014

  • Additional Gateway settings to fix reported problems.
  • Made dimming status address optional for "Relative Dimmer"

1.4.1 - November 2014

  • Tasks!
  • New Clock device. This will send the date/time to your KNX system at a regular interval (see Device settings).
  • New Blinds device that lets set the blinds to a particular height.
  • Favorites section in right pane (tablet only). Always have your most important devices at your disposal.
  • Better support for remote connections, including NAT (use at your own risk, better to use a secure VPN for remote access).
  • Fixed problem with importing configurations in latest version of Android.
  • Redesign of internal operations for better reliability.

1.3.1 - Feb 2014

  • Settings to specify 'Spacer' color
  • Users can enable "debugging" reports
  • Bug fixes

1.3.0 - Feb 2014

New features:

  • Gateway hostname (instead of only IP address)
  • Added additional datapoints to the Generic Sensor
  • Improved VPN support

Heating control:

  • Added 6.010 setpoint datapoint type (counter values instead of absolute temperature)
  • Added support for modern Room Controllers with an "Extended" mode reporting datapoint


  • New "trigger" mode: short "on" and then "off" again

1.2.2 - Nov 2013

  • Added additional datapoints to the Generic Sensor
  • Added Setpoint temperature to the Heating Control

1.2.1 - Sep 2013

  • Added a "Generic Sensor" that can read any datapoint value of any datapoint type
  • A Switch without a status DPT will now always alternate between sending ON and OFF.
  • Small UI improvements

1.2.0 - Sep 2013

  • Tapping label of Absolute Dimmers will toggle a switch
  • Added Stop datapoint to Blinds
  • Added Spacers (or Labels) to insert between sets of devices
  • Rewrite of internal operations of devices
  • Improved compatibility of configuration imports
  • Minor bug fixes

1.1.1 - Aug 2013

Long click working again for deleting devices.

1.1 - Aug 2013

  • Minor bug fixed (including Room ordering)
  • Added Debug Log showing all outgoing messages
  • German translation by NetMare

1.0 - Aug 2013

First official release published in Google Play.